Announcing The Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon!


Get those typing fingers ready, kids, because the Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon is right around the corner! Can you believe how close 2016 is?!

The Specifics:

I’d thought of myself as a great big motion picture star from the time I was six. –Loretta Young

 From her screen debut at age four, to her last starring role, on TV, at age 76, Loretta Young carved her place in screen history as one of our brightest and most gifted movie stars. In honor of her 103rd birthday, let’s get inspired by her films and television show to pay tribute to the beauty of Miss Loretta!

What the what is this?

A blogathon consists of a collection of vastly talented writers, each contributing their own piece to the final product. Each participant’s blog will be linked from this page, and from the marvelous Now Voyaging blog. All I need from you is a movie, TV show episode, or general topic you would like to cover, for right now, so that I can add you to the official roster. When the dates come, you’ll post a comment on the official Blogathon main entry, leaving me a link to your blog entry. I’ll then add it to the page, so the entire universe (give or take a few minor, outlying galaxies) can see!

What do you mean by general topics?

Movie blogathons, by nature, generally consist of movie reviews. As we all know, though, an actor or actress is far more than just some performances. Are you keen on Loretta’s fashions? Go for it! Does her charity work fascinate you? Tell us about it! I’m open to many ideas, so feel free to send me an e-mail ( if you would like to talk one over!

I’m in! What now?

Let your readers know that you will be participating by placing one of the banners or an announcement in your blog sidebar, linking back to this page.

There will be more banners to come, but feel free to use the one above, the following one, or create your own!

Loretta and her youngest sister, Georgiana Belzer.

Loretta and her youngest sister, Georgiana Belzer.

Are there any other rules?

Not really! I do ask that, since there are so many things which you may choose to write about, that there be no duplicates. Once a movie, episode, or topic is chosen, unless you feel you have some brilliant and hugely innovative way of discussing it, it becomes unavailable to anyone else. Therefore, should you decide between now and the time of the blogathon that you will be unable to complete your piece, please let me know, so I can make that available to others.

If you need ideas, here is Loretta’s IMDB page, listing every movie she appeared in, and every episode of her two series. Another invaluable resource is the Official Loretta Young Facebook, where you will find all manner of great information!

Also, everyone is more than welcome to join the fun at the new Facebook group dedicated to the Young sisters. We’ve always got new pictures, articles, and stories, and maybe you’ll get an idea there, too!


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Carole & Co.: Taxi!

Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings: And Now Tomorrow

Love Letters To Old Hollywood: The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell

Defiant Success: The Bishop’s Wife

PortraitsByJenni: Rachel And The Stranger

Back To Golden Days: Private Number

Stardust: The Beauty of Loretta Young

CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch: The Stranger

Speakeasy Classic Movies & More: The Life Of Jimmy Dolan

Girls Do Film: Platinum Blonde

Crítica Retrô: The Films Of Loretta Young & Tyrone Power

Old Hollywood Films: The Farmer’s Daughter

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Come To The Stable


32 thoughts on “Announcing The Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon!

  1. Ms. Young is quickly becoming one of my favorites, so this blogathon is super exciting! I’d love to do The Story of Alexander Graham Bell. My blog is Love Letters to Old Hollywood.

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