The Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon is almost here!


There is still a little time and a lot of films to choose from, if you’d like to participate in the first Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon, hosted by myself and Now Voyaging!

Among the many readers following along will be some of Miss Loretta’s own family. Christopher and Linda Lewis, Loretta’s son and daughter-in-law, would also like to extend the following invitation to all of the bloggers and readers:

We’re pleased to announce a screening of “Midnight Mary” in conjunction with the Palm Springs Film Society on February 2nd, 2016 at University of California Riverside, Palm Desert Campus.  The event is scheduled for 6:00pm and is free to the public.
William Wellman, Jr., Chris & I will be introducing the film – sharing behind-the-scenes stories of this Pre-Code Classic, starring Loretta Young & directed by “Wild Bill” Wellman. (One of four films they made together!)

Hope to see you there…

All best,

Exciting times, kids, so don’t forget to sign up!

4 thoughts on “The Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon is almost here!

  1. Yes, we are pleased & excited about the Loretta Young Birthday Blogathon & will be reading every article & sharing them on our LY Facebook page & the LY website (with your permission).

    We look forward to meeting any who can attend the screening of “Midnight Mary” on February 2, 2016 in Palm Desert. The RSVP option on the UC Riverside Palm Desert Campus website should be functional after the 4th of January. Hope to see you there & thank you!

    Linda and Christopher

    • We are sorry not to be able to be there. It’s a beautiful film, and to think both Loretta and
      William Wellman were sent to MGM to do it because their studio was mad at them. It was kind of a punishment! Bruce & Laurie

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