Mellow greetings, movie fans. I suppose this page should be a sort of blog mission statement, where I profess my designs on taking over the blogonets with my charm, talent, knowledge and brilliant wit. If I were to say those things, however, I would be a liar.

Once upon a time, I was a shy, quiet child with an abnormally excessive desire to learn. Then I came across Myrna Loy, became a smartass, and forgot to remember everything I’d actually learned. In the online world of Old Movie Weirdos, I’m what one might call a dilettante (you know, if the blog title didn’t give that away). I know some things. I certainly don’t know everything. I pick up tidbits of information here and there. My real life friends seem to think I’m some sort of 9th level wizard, with the power to recite the production schedules for every movie made before 1957. That’s not true- I can only do that with the movie New Moon. The one from 1940. The only New Moon.

Anyway, I’m sort of stuck in this grey area of classic film fandom. I’m not as hardcore as some. I do not watch everything that TCM airs. In fact, I’m still kind of mad at TCM over a certain article about two certain people, who may be named Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, in a certain Now Playing guide. <– That sentence. That’s just about sums me up. I know SQUAT about like… Important Film History (Gone With The What?), but holy God, do not ever call Jeanette MacDonald’s moral integrity into question, because I will. school. you. until. you. die.

Did you read all of that? Good for you. The moral of the story is that I like old movies and want to talk about them. I want them to be accessible to all. This is where the Film Buff and the Newb meet.

I am Kayla. Cinema Dilettante.

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