Sundays With Loretta 8.16.15 (Pt. 1)

It turns out that there simply aren’t enough words to accurately capture the beauty, both internal and external, of Loretta Young. I was hoping to have this video done by last Wednesday, and, well, that did not happen (this project is why I’ve been so spotty in posting along the actual schedule). Here it is now, though, my humble editing effort in tribute to Miss Loretta. I hope you all enjoy, and I’ll be back later with more words. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sundays With Loretta 8.16.15 (Pt. 1)

  1. Simply lovely. Like someone else we know, Loretta has the most beautiful eyes. And both could say more with their eyes than other actresses could with ten pages of dialogue.

  2. Very moving, Kayla…. The music was lovely and complimented Loretta’s grace and beauty perfectly.

    A heart felt thanks from me for what you’re doing to honor the memories of Loretta and Jeanette.

    This fan thinks your work is pretty amazing!

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