The Saturday Spins/Weekap 8.8.15

Here we are again, another week in review, and one so very close to being terribly dull, too!

The MacEddy club delivers once more, ripping into Norma McDaniel and tossing about those delightful lawsuits. Again, if I haven’t been clear about this before…

YOU CAN’T SUE SOMEONE FOR SPEAKING ABOUT THE DEAD. IF THAT WAS THE CASE, SOMEONE WOULD HAVE DONE IT YEARS AGO. Marino Bello’s (Jean Harlow’s step father) widow sued Random House and Irving Schulman, on his behalf, for the libelous and NOT AT ALL RESEARCHED, PRETTY MUCH JUST PULLED OUT OF THE REAR book, Harlow. Jean Harlow’s father had sued successfully, and was awarded an out of court settlement. In this case, however, it was ruled that you can’t sue on behalf of a dead person! If I haven’t made this clear, if Myrna Loy didn’t make this clear, if EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS HAS NEVER MADE THIS CLEAR, here’s the case! That was 1967. You honestly think that this was something obscure enough for no one in Hollywood to know about? That TWO LADIES FROM TOPEKA HAD ENOUGH CLOUT TO GO ABOVE THE LAW AND ACTUALLY MAKE A CASE?!


In other news, my bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night and buying inexpensive pictures on ebay has again returned. Let’s just say that somewhere, I hope that Sally Blane is getting a laugh because half-asleep-me bought some presents for awake me. I should probably seek therapy for that… In half-asleep-me’s defense, however, it was $15 for 4 pictures! Come on, I wish Jeanette pictures were that cheap! (Dear Aunt Sally- I blame your sister for this. xoK)



Top 3 Topics: Jeanette wins! Gene is second! Loretta is third because she didn’t make us chicken and sauerkraut this week! (Thank God.) I can’t end the week without honorable mention to Kathryn Grayson, who IN ONE DAY came up to 4th! Go Katydid!

Finally, just one song, this week. I’d like to dedicate this one to Clark Gable. Because I’m an awful person. Postmodern Jukebox does a cover of Womanizer.


2 thoughts on “The Saturday Spins/Weekap 8.8.15

  1. Thank you for your bit about MacEddy and those lawsuits they love to bring if that’s proof of anything, at all. “Lawsuit” and “it’s complicated” seem to be their (forever and a day) catch phrases.

    I literally could not stop laughing when you referred to “half-asleep-me” buying presents for “awake me”!!

    Let me add this: Sinners, we are NOT finished defending Jeanette’s and Gene’s reputations!! Not by a long shot!!!!

    Thanks again, Kayla, for a most enjoyable read!! BTW, I love the picture you bought to enjoy when you woke up!

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