Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day Eight)

Hi. I am a disclaimer. Massive OTP Jeanette/Gene love ahoy because…


Negativity will not be permitted, unless it is directed toward Gene’s psychomom, for she was actually the most ridiculous person ever.

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Those are in no particular order, other than that which I scanned, borrowed, was gifted, or just plain hijacked them from the internets. I wish these would have been shared, in my own youth, because I spent a lot of years wondering why there were so few pictures of Jeanette and Gene. Turns out there’s about 17 million. It’s just that no one was sharing them. Some weird culture developed where people became sickeningly overprotective of Jeanette, to the point where they wouldn’t even share scans of these, with the public, online. It made it look like we were hiding something. Well, that’s flat wrong. The only thing that was being hidden was photographic proof that Jeanette and Gene were nutty for each other. I’m here to right that wrong. We shall make ourselves known! I’m not touching that “true loyal fan” stuff with a ten foot pole because everyone has a right to be a fan, in their own way, but I want to let people know that we MacRaymond OTP folks do still exist. We do have reason to believe what we do. We do have facts to support what we believe. We do have pictures to analyze. We do have song choices and movie roles to pick apart. We do have screen performances to compare and contrast. We’re smaller than we once were, but we’re mighty.

And believe me, if anything based in reality comes along to prove me wrong, I’ll be the first to let you know. Until then, happy reality, folks. It’s Jeanette and Gene’s 77th wedding anniversary, and I’m ecstatic to share these photos of their happiness with you.


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