Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day Nine)

It’s almost here, folks! Even though the timestamp on my blog says it’s already 6/18, it’s not. Help a sister out on fixing that, eh?

Picture it. June 17th… OK, I’ll let Jeanette take the wheel, from here.

“I kept looking at my watch as the evening wore on, and this got his [Gene’s] goat. Finally, he asked pointedly, ‘Are you so bored that you can hardly wait to go home?’

I smiled. ‘You’re wrong. If you’ll just wait a little while, I’ll tell you what I’m waiting for.’ At midnight, I chirruped; ‘It’s my birthday!’ Nothing would do but to have a cake brought to our table, replete with candles and a bottle of champagne.”

How’s that for a first date? You may have noticed, dear reader, in one of the pictures from yesterday, was a picture of the MacRaymonds excitedly celebrating 18 years together. Today would have been the anniversary of their first date. We get this amazing trifecta of celebratory days, right in a row. Excellent planning, Mrs. Raymond. Excellent. Champagne for everyone!*

(*at your own expense as your Dilettante is poor.)

Sorry for the graininess, but I have to share one more picture. I just love these two human beings.


❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day Nine)

  1. What a beautiful picture. Anyone who has ever been in love will recognize the obvious body language and look of utter bliss reflected on Jeanette and Gene’s face. Even after more than a decade of marriage (at the time the photo was taken), it’s very clear to even a casual observer that they’d found that rare but wonderful gift together.

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