Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day Three)

Spolier Alert! Jeanette MacDonald had a sense of humor. Jeanette was a punk, to be honest. From being banned from Constance Bennett’s parties for making boobs out of lemon peels to showing up at Woody Van Dyke’s feet, inside of a dog house, Jeanette had fun, in her own special, sometimes crass little way. Today, all I have is a picture. It is my favorite picture of Jeanette and Nelson Eddy, and lacking any caption, I like to make things up about it. Perhaps a young and impressionable Tiny Tim saw this and became inspired. Perhaps we’re hearkening back to the days of Let’s Go Native (sans crazy hair). Jeanette MacDonald, hipster. Just out of frame, a can of PBR and a plaid scarf, even though it’s hot out. For the sake of my own giggles, if you know what’s going on and it’s like “Oh they’re rehearsing for so-and-so’s Hawaiian funeral,” keep it to yourself. 🙂


Also, ‘dose pearls. ❤


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