Jeanette The Flirt

This letter from Jeanette to Gene, sent from Lake Tahoe during the filming of Rose Marie, in 1935, is one rare example of Jeanette writing in fragments instead of run ons. I like that she flirts like a nervous teenager. Oh, and welcome to the world of all the ridiculous names they had for each other!

TahoeLetter1 TahoeLetter2 TahoeLetter3 TahoeLetter4 TahoeLetter5

One has to wonder if she wanted to use both sides of the paper or if the lodge was charging her by the sheet for stationery...

One has to wonder if she wanted to use both sides of the paper or if the lodge was charging her by the sheet for stationery…


Dear Princey –

Of all the days I really wanted a letter from you (illegible) is it and none came. Here’s the reason – I am spending the day in bed! Felt a cold coming on and got up at 6 AM like the trooper I am – reported to work to find the troupe waiting for the clouds to break (illegible) for sure. They broke for rain so I came home & put myself to bed and just woke up again 12:30. Feel lots better and after lunch will retire again.

After lunch

Have retired again! Also feel somewhat better. It’s a horrible day outside – overcast but no longer raining which is (illegible) for that means another day up here. If it doesn’t rain those clouds are liable to hang around for days. Can you arrange to spend Thanksgiving with me? Or if you can’t, perhaps you can prevail upon McGillicutty to come up. Flora is pining away for him. (You know this is the big pine country.) At the same time maybe McG could arrange those clouds in some systematic fashion where they’d be the right kind of clouds. You might take it up with him. Oh – Flora sends her love altho she told me she didn’t think she should cause he never sends his. She’s a peculiar girl, you know.

I lent Grimms to Fanny who says she’s being kidded about them. She has no idea who sent it and if she had I’m afraid I’d not get it back.

I am another Princess. Yes, this time Indian. My name is Rippling Water – Wattchaw in Indian. I forget the name of the tribe, but it’s somewhere in Dakota.

Bob is coming up again for the week-end. There is something important afoot which has to be settled now and you know, he flies all over the place so it’s only a 5 hr. trip for him. Sonia is coming up on Friday to stay till next Tuesday. So I’ll feel much better after half a dozen good treatments. I should surely be finished by the end of next week that will make practically 5 weeks do you realize that? It seems more like 5 months.

Golly, I’ve just discovered my sense of humor is gone again. Guess it’s the weather or else my stuffy head that might account for the wit being a bit dull.

Nelson’s mother arrived yesterday & Van’s ma arrives tomorrow or Thursday. Did you know she’s a Christian Scientist Practitioner? Rather strange in view of his being such a drunkard!

Thanks so much for St. Christopher. I’m letting Bob use my car while he’s here and want the medal installed before. Miss Searles says it looks very nice.

Stupid – letter! That’s your fault, see? Just discovered it’s pouring rain again. “Goody, Goody.” Oh Phooey. I guess I’ll go to sleep again. I’m rather dopey anyway. Don’t bother I’m way ahead of you!!

Here’s to you!

Ever the










She should have added humble at the end, amirite? 🙂

One more picture, for good measure

I know I've shared it before, but don't care, re-share.

I know I’ve shared it before, but don’t care, re-share.


3 thoughts on “Jeanette The Flirt

  1. Good grief, what a funny, sweet and quirky letter!! I just adore the little names they had for each other. Jeanette is flirty to the max and then some!

    I love the picture you posted, too. Can they look any happier? Can their grins, especially Jeanette’s, be any bigger??

    A certain “author” (as always, I use the term loosely) said that Woody was one of Jeanette’s and Nelson’s best friends. But, excuse me, did Jeanette call Woody a drunkard??!! Too funny!

    Thanks, again!!

    • She is THE biggest goose, when it comes to the early love notes to Gene. You can tell she’s feeling just as awkward as any other girl would, writing to her “crush,” haha.
      I loved the part about Woody! It’s like she’s ready to tell his mom on him! Lol

  2. Jeanette is simply adorable in this letter. It’s like stream of consciousness and sometimes she has no filter, letting loose with whatever was on her mind. She was so up front about Bob Ritchie that if she really were having an affair with Nelson Eddy, don’t you think she would have mentioned him more than saying his mother was coming?

    The mere fact that Gene saved this, as well as other letters and telegrams from Tahoe, proves he already had pretty strong feelings about her too.

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