The Saturday Spins / Weekap

This week was certainly one of the less crazy, in recent memory. A couple of great tidbits on the Land Of Lo were published, though! Guess what, America? You can talk about Loretta Young and Clark Gable WITHOUT calling her reputation into question! Look at how Megan Kirby of Chicago Tribune recommends reading the full story and the folks at Closer magazine talked to Linda Lewis while reporting the story, themselves. (PS go buy an actual copy of the magazine because 1.) Baby Judy picture omfg those are the best and 2.) Key To The City full page pic, what what, we know that movie is A+ choice material.) I know it’s coming as an absolute shock that some writers can actually relate the story without using an accusatory tone toward the victim of date rape, but it is possible! Now, if only the folks outside the realm of the classic film fandom could teach those in it how to do so…

The coolest website I discovered, this week, is Screen Archives Entertainment. I know you all have probably heard of it before, but I hadn’t so I have to give it a plug. The thing is that it’s SO easy to find new releases and pre orders for stuff that classic movie fans might have a genuine interest in. I don’t have to wade through countless harlequin soft core releases, 80 different versions of a new Disney release, etc! It’s magical. I’m going to buy things from them just for being magical.

As I’ve mentioned before, I get a real kick out of some of the search queries that get people to this blog. Search of the week: “dilitante woman sex.” I’m not sure what that refers to, but I’m 99% certain that this is not what you were looking for. Not so much sorry about that, either.

Top 3 Topics Of The Week: Loretta Young steals first place right out from under Jeanette MacDonald. Somewhere, Jeanette is pouting while Loretta accepts the only award she’ll ever get that had anything to do with her cooking skills. Miss J gets second place, consolation prize is ice cream just so she’ll stop pouting, and third place is Gene Raymond. People were really in to saving that love letter, this week.

It’s August, so we know what that means, for TCM. Summer Under The Stars is underway, with a new star highlighted each day. There are some of the usual choices (has there ever been a year without a Katharine Hepburn day?), and a few interesting and unusual ones, too. For instance, Robert Walker and Virginia Bruce each have a day. Hey, no complaints here. It’s not like I have cable, anyway, haha.

To end out the week, here are a few songs that have been inspiring me to keep fighting for “mah girls.” I’ll see everybody in the morrow, with some truly epic material on Sunday With Loretta.

Florence + The Machine: Which Witch & Only If For A Night

Regina Spektor: Open


2 thoughts on “The Saturday Spins / Weekap

  1. You get three F’s for this entry: FRESH, FUN, FACTUAL! Really enjoyed this one.

    I’m so glad Loretta gets an award for her heroic efforts at preparing edible (or not) meals for her family.

    Jeanette will be less likely to pout for taking second place to Loretta if you add some cake to that ice cream.

    And aren’t we happy that Gene’s love letter is in ‘trustworthy’ (or not) hands.

    Thanks, again. Looking forward to the next one!!

    • I have a three ingredient recipe for a dessert type thing that Loretta made. I’m told it’s delicious! I also have instructions for another one, but if Chris and Peter Lewis once had it explode in a kitchen (heredity? haha), I will not be trying that!

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