It’s William Horatio Powell’s birthday.


Happy Birthday, Fake Dead Husband!!!



  1. Wait a minute. He’s MY dead fake husband. We either have to share, or fight over him, or I’ll have to settle down with my other dead fake husband, WIlliam Holden. (I’ve even name my cat Bill, in honor of his “father.” Luckily my live real husband somehow understands me.)

  2. I have FOUR fake husbands and only one is dead! The dead one is Cary Grant. The ones still living are Christopher Plummer, Anthony Hopkins and Liam Neeson. I’ve also fallen for James Spader’s character, Red Reddington, in The Blacklist. But that’s just a character so it doesn’t count. So…guess I’m not in competition with you girls!

    • Only one of my fake husbands is alive, lol. Oh John Slattery, I would buy all of the Lincoln motor vehicles for you. The other is Joel McCrea. Then, of course, fake boyfriend Ricardo Montalban had to go and die… also be happily married for like 75,000 years. Le Sigh! And Tony Martin… wait, I’m noticing a trend that all of my many loves had at least 40 year marriages, lol.

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