The End.

Only Money Matters.

This blog is now closed.

Thank you for all of your support.

Please do yourselves a favor and purchase Hollywood Diva by Edward Baron Turk, Forever Young by Joan Wester Anderson, and The Purple Diaries by Joseph Egan.

Only when it lives in you, will the truth prevail.

I love you all.


3 thoughts on “The End.

  1. I know you’re busy, but I wish you would reconsider. You are the one voice of reason and truth for Jeanette and Gene online. If we don’t keep fighting the lies, that’s all future generations will know. Our new theme song should be Meredith Willson’s I Ain’t Down Yet. (Hey, he attended enough Clan Claves.)

  2. Maybe when your life is a bit less hectic, you will consider taking this on again. I agree with the above comment. YOU are the ONLY individual online that voices the truth about Jeanette and Gene. You have the sense of decency that others do not. You really care about truth and find fulfillment in honoring their memories while others destroy them.

  3. I hope this is not a permanent good-bye but only a temporary one. There are so few individuals such as yourself that provide a platform for those that love old movies and the wonderful actors and actresses of yesteryear – and their stories. You will be missed while you are gone.

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