The Case Of… I’m The Worst.

Oh, my dearest darlingest Jeanette peoples, I have failed to produce anything worthwhile, this week. My brain just will not do anything. Actually, it did one thing. It saved this face.

Modern Screen, December 1935

Modern Screen, December 1935

You know, Jeanette being scandalous with her blonde dude friend.




5 thoughts on “The Case Of… I’m The Worst.

  1. She WAS a scandalous little beauty, wasn’t she?

    As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that one certainly is!! What an adorable couple and what a mischievous smile on that beautiful face!


  2. I don’t know the deadline for the December issue, but I thought she more or less told Bob it was over in Tahoe in the fall of 1935. Though that grin says she’s up to no good. LOL

    Sometimes we just need a cute JAM photo.

    • I know you’re kidding but, except for the hair color, I don’t think Gene and Nelson look at all alike. I guess the MacEddy folks who think she chose Gene because of their imagined resemblance are just doing what they usually do…engaging in wishful thinking…

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