Sundays With Loretta 10.4.15

If you use disappointments as sort of mid- semester exams, for learning, you will learn that every disappointment you overcome makes you stronger- and wiser. The greatest success stories have been lived by those who had to grow strong and wise in that very way.

Loretta Young

Ladies Courageous

Ladies Courageous

You know, I was struggling to find a good picture to go along with this quote, so I hit the google image searches. I was fully prepared to link to the blog, but then I read the full article. I thought, “Wow, that’s super bitchy,” so here we are with that picture, which you can also find if you type “Loretta Young later years” into your googling device. Loretta, my dears, never disappoints, in times of confusion or, hell, even the feeling of too little talent to attempt to write that I was feeling 5 minutes ago. I mean, I knew I wanted to use the above quote, but I didn’t really know what direction to go. Thanks to Bitchy Writer, I think I’m back on track.

Disappointments. We all have them, right? We have personal ones, professional ones, and in a hobbyist or fangirl world, we have those, too. In the unlinked post, the writer says Loretta was courageous, while simultaneously giving her the short end for everything else mentioned. That writer is very correct, with that word. That’s our Loretta. The disappointing aspect is that I don’t know if the hate she gets will ever truly end. I guess it won’t. That piece was from January, but at least you can usually find a few “yay Loretta was born in this month and also was a good actress” posts, and not have to worry about people being dumb. We live in very self-centered times, and I suppose my biggest disappointment was that I wasn’t the last of the great morons who just spouted BS based partially in a twisted truth.

But from this comes a greater understanding of what this whole series is about. Another great Loretta quote concerns enthusiasm, something which, for “my girls” I have for days. She said something to the effect of, with enthusiasm comes a companion on your road to Somewhere. So we’re going to hit walls where we see that everything seems to have fallen on deaf ears, but there are those out there who are receptive, who want to learn and want to understand. This can range anywhere, from the great political issues to the smallest of fangirl ones, and hey, a lot of times those two things may intertwine. The trick is to not let the disappointment break your heart and spirit. Keep going, keep trying, because somewhere, someone is listening. Someone is watching and being inspired. Go enthusiastically forward, freak flags high. Or normal flags, I don’t think that matters much. It may mean the world to someone else, or it may serve as proof to yourself that you don’t have to fall apart for every little setback. Live for today while accepting and learning from the things that challenged you, yesterday.

I feel like I need to add some weird “Be the bee” quote, here, but that truly makes no sense and is also why Loretta gives the advice around here, not me. Goodnight, kids, and have a great week.

"She really just ended this with 'be the bee,' didn't she? Worst."

“She really just ended this with ‘be the bee,’ didn’t she? Worst.”


2 thoughts on “Sundays With Loretta 10.4.15

  1. Love this article, too, Kayla. For me, each SWL is a masterpiece because you so “get” her. She was a remarkable woman, in so many ways – you are able to channel her wisdom, her kindness & her character. She comes to life for me again, under the guidance of your hand. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  2. Fabulous blog, once again, Kayla. So wonderful the way you understand who people really were.

    And don’t beat yourself up for not being a Loretta fan for a time. As I recall you had ‘help’ from one young lady, in particular, who helps to destroy the memory of another of our favorites.

    Thanks to you, we are discovering the wisdom, character and generous soul that Loretta Young was.

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