Sundays With Loretta 9.20.15

According to the 3 seconds of research I have done, which translates to, “I signed in to Facebook and was informed,” the Emmys are happening, tonight. I guess that watching TV is still a thing that people do. I watch TV shows, mind you, but they’re generally on DVD. They have no commercials. (Well, they did, once, but we’ve moved past that inconvenience.) Pretty much, since 30 Rock got the can, I have not watched live television.

And that was me rambling. So the Emmys seem like they’re relevant to our interests, right?

Loretta and her son Robert (talk to Gracie Allen about that) Young win Emmy Awards, 1957. (Loretta invents being sans shoes at award shows, 1957.)

Loretta and her son Robert (talk to Gracie Allen about that) Young win Emmy Awards, 1957. (Loretta invents being sans shoes at award shows, 1957.)

One of the coolest and most admirable things about Loretta Young was her devotion to and adoration of the people who she worked with, on her show. She respected their talents and was proud of their awards. One of my favorite photos ever taken of her is of her and the show’s cinematographer, Norbert Brodine, after having won his own Emmy.

NBLYWouldja just look at her face?! She’s looking at him like he is the absolute most important person in the entire world. In her TV show world, he kind of was, too! What’s a show without a camera filming it? While the two of them had never worked together on a movie before, Brodine had done cinematography for two movies in which her sister, Polly Ann, had appeared in. What money she had to offer as a salary was nothing compared to what he could make on a movie set, but he took it, and Loretta was beyond impressed with the results. She remarked, upon seeing the first dailies, “I didn’t know cameras could do that.”

Loretta loved her people, and we love Loretta for loving her people. 🙂 Happy Emmy Day, everybody!


2 thoughts on “Sundays With Loretta 9.20.15

  1. I’m beginning to wonder why anybody watches live TV anymore. Well, except for a few shows like The Walking Dead and The Blacklist. As for the other shows that I like, I wait ’til they’re on DVD or streaming on Netflix. None of those dreaded commercials.

    I wish that all of Loretta’s shows were available on DVD or Netflix streaming. I have some of them on DVD but I cannot find the one I remember as a favorite. It was about a shipboard romance and her leading man was as handsome as they come. Can’t remember the actor’s name but I think he was in quite a few of her shows.

    Loretta’s show was a class act that I seldom missed.

    • You should ask about the episode on the Loretta facebook page! 🙂 There are a few people who know just about every episode. I just bought an old VHS collection for a specific episode that wasn’t on the DVDs. Oh, My Aching Heart- the one where she has those coke bottle glasses.

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