The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees 8.17.15 (Pt. 2)

The gallery uploader is not being my friend, so here’s another piece of the Isabel Eddy letters story, with the source in the post. I have also added source material to the previous post. If not continued Friday, the topic of Isabel’s letters will go on in to next Monday.

In a letter dated, in the 2001 edition of Sweethearts, four days after the one containing the last bit of info (because somehow Isabel was just telling her friend that story from 1943, in February of 1946…), an elaborate tale is weaved of Jeanette and Nelson’s 1945 Christmas at “Mists,” their supposed home, together. And you know what, even Blossom is said to have been there, so we can’t say she was playing doppelganger duty, this time! As if we expected any less of her than to contradict stories about her living with Nelson, here’s what Jeanette had to say about Christmas, 1945:


Note that, in Sweethearts, it is said that Jeanette and Gene did not host Christmas, that year, because Twin Gables was under renovation. Well… Little Nanette was running her doll carriage into the furniture somewhere! Gene carved The Incredible Hulk-Turkey somewhere! Friends from Honolulu and family were hosted somewhere!

Again, stay tuned for more from the files of All The Things That Are Wrong With The “Facts” From The Isabel Letters That Aren’t The Mere Idea That The Letters Don’t Actually Exist. In the mean time, I’m going to play Excuses Bingo and see if I can get “She lied to her fan club because she HAD TO…” covered on my board.


One thought on “The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees 8.17.15 (Pt. 2)

  1. Maybe they needed to renovate Twin Gables after Nanette got loose with that doll carriage. LOL The “Isabel letters” have way too many dubious stories.

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