The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees 8.17.15 (Pt. 1)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- where are those darn letters of Isabel Eddy’s? As it happens, there is a rather backward explanation of where they are- in someone else’s handwriting after being hand copied in a bicoastal game of paper telephone. Alright. Let’s just say that’s a thing… before we go in to why they’re wrong.

The first example is the full account of everyone’s favorite story to roll their eyes at and say, “Oh, I’ve heard that before, but there’s no evidence to back up that claim, either.”

Ha. Hahahaha.

According to that tome of reliability, Sweethearts, in October of 1943, Nelson decided that he and Jeanette needed to take some time off, go to Lake Tahoe, and perform their own personal wedding ceremony. If you weren’t already confused, here are the dates to confuse you some more, as we play another round of Where’s Jeanette?

Rich states that after her concert, in Portland, OR, on October 14th, Jeanette took a train to San Francisco to meet Nelson, where they may have stayed overnight before renting a car to take to Tahoe. The vows were made sometime between October 17th-22nd.

Yes, good. It appears that Blossom must have played stand in, again, on October 15th, when Jeanette did a concert in Seattle, WA. She did, indeed, have a few days off, after that, but if she went to Tahoe, it was by plane. Jeanette Anna MacDonald hated plane rides. Hated. HATED. Oh yes, there are pictures of her boarding or departing planes, but she was not a good traveler, by plane. Throwing that aside completely out the window, though, SHE WAS IN SEATTLE ON THE 15TH.


On October 22nd, the Brownsville Herald of Brownsville, TX, reported that Jeanette had changed trains, in Atlanta, GA (slow news days are a blessing. Thank you), on her way to a concert in Savannah, GA. It is unclear whether the incident happened that day and this was a late edition, or if it happened on the 21st. Either way, somebody’s not in Lake Tahoe! On the 23rd, she performed in Savannah, GA, then on to Knoxville, TN the 25th, and FINALLY we get to Winston-Salem, NC, on the 28th.

Altogether, a fair bit of research on Jeanette’s concerts went in to creating the Tahoe story. Not enough. Yes, she had a few days off, but so much has already been conflicted- how can one possibly keep trusting that source? There are concert programs and blessed slow news days that clearly state Jeanette was not there, but across the country on a train that, for all we know, was boarded the day after the Seattle concert.

Stay tuned, lovelies!


2 thoughts on “The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees 8.17.15 (Pt. 1)

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  2. There’s also a letter from Gene from October 14, 1943 where he said he planned to set his alarm for 1:45 AM so he could get up and call her after her Portland show. He was then stationed at Randolph Field and had to account for the time difference between Texas and Oregon.. Makes perfect sense to talk to your husband when you were planning to go off with your lover. LOL

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