The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees (Special Nelson Eddy Supplement Post!)

I promised, after playing Where’s Jeanette? that we would also be playing Where’s Nelson? This one will be much shorter, as I only feel I need two articles to completely debunk the theory that Jeanette skipped out on her fans, not because of a legitimate illness, but because she was, ahem, “under a baritone.”

January 22, 1941, Washington Star (Washington DC)

19410122WashingtonStarJanuary 23, 1941, Madison Capital Times

19410123CapitalTimesTo refresh our memories, Jeanette was in Pittsburgh, PA, most assuredly, on the 21st and 22nd. These two articles place Nelson in D.C. on the morning of January 22nd, and in the diner car of a train near Baltimore, being met by Gov. Julius Heil, by afternoon or evening. I’ve looked up approximate times for travel between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, and by car it is just over four hours. Not knowing specific train schedules from 1941, I’m not sure if a train would have run between the two cities. One would assume, however, that if modern rail would take nearly EIGHT hours, we can safely say that 4 hours is a good number to go with. That rules out meeting in Baltimore, right?

To place the two together, in Washington D.C. is pretty well impossible, as well. Jeanette was, as reported by the press, in Pittsburgh on at least the morning of the 22nd. It also takes just over 4 hours, by car, at modern speed limits, to make it from Pittsburgh to D.C. Sticking with our 4 hour one way travel estimate for 1941, Jeanette would need to be at least two people at once for this to be possible. I believe we’ve all decided that we can throw the book Jeanette MacDonald? out the window, which theorized that Blossom took her place. Unless we plan on rewriting that history, too, this side trip to D.C. for a meeting with Nelson is altogether impossible.

PLEASE save, read, and share the Nelson article from 1/22. For the love, Ackerman, you are trolling the press, waxing poetic about MONKEYS, and I salute you.


2 thoughts on “The Case Of The Diva’s Devotees (Special Nelson Eddy Supplement Post!)

  1. I’d say that pretty much settles it. I have Jeanette’s itinerary from 1950, going in the opposite direction (Washington to Piitsburgh), departing at 8:10 AM and arriving at 4:55 PM. So that’s almost nine hours! Since this was in January 1941, it could have been even longer due to weather conditions and that caused her to miss her connection in DC.

  2. Well, you’ve debunked the good old “under a baritone theory”. So much for “wishful thinking” on the part of individuals who don’t know Jeanette MacDonald any better than to think she would bail out on her fans to meet FICTIONAL lover, Nelson Eddy. She was much too professional to do that. Keep up the good work!

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