Selective Quoting

Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at this.

I can cherry pick quotes to support MY case that Clark Gable wasn’t always a gentleman!

1933, Myrna Loy describes her first meeting with Clark Gable. After having been a gentleman to her, during the gathering they attended…
“As we (Myrna Loy, Clark Gable, Rhea Gable) drove toward my mother’s house, I could see that Clark was beginning to feel quite a bit amorous. He started edging toward me- with his wife sitting right there beside him. Of course, he was probably loaded, by that time. We all were, to a certain extent.
Clark escorted me to the door. As I turned to unlock it, he bent down and gave me a ‘monkey bite.’ (It left a scar on my neck for days.) I turned around and gave him a shove, sending him backward two or three steps off the porch and into the hedge. As he stumbled back, he laughed a little, which infuriated me all the more. It was just the idea of his wife sitting out in the car. I’d had quite a few beaus, but this was different, you see, this was not right. I wanted no part of it.” (Myrna Loy, Being And Becoming, 1987)

SHOCK! AWE! People can have two different personality traits come out in the same night?! Being a gentleman to some women doesn’t mean a man is always a gentleman?!

Look, for all people like Mark Vieira, who  decide that (paraphrasing) the girl liked it so everyone needs to leave poor Clarky boo boo alone…




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