What A Life I’ve Had, Today.

I know that zero of you are following this blog for updates on my day, but let me just have this one thing, okay?

Yesterday was rough, as a devoted fangirl. Today might possibly have been even moreso on one front, but delightfully lesser, on another. As I wind down, tonight, with coffee (don’t ask) and Calculus (probably best to leave that alone, too), I want to post just one picture of a Talented Human Female that I’ve been neglecting, lately. Her face, though, is so serene, so happy, and with a touch of devlish humor… and I am so there, right now. You know how most people are all, “Beach scene! Cupcakes! Wine!” when they post goals? Have we not yet deduced that I am not most people?


Norma Shearer Moment Of Serenity. Life Goal.

Also, to be able to pull off the turban look would be A++.

I’ll be back on Wednesday, after my Managerial Accounting test. Love to you all and thanks for being the best damn batch of readers in the known universe.


3 thoughts on “What A Life I’ve Had, Today.

  1. Thank goodness that you are not most people. In case you haven’t noticed your devoted followers are not most people, either! Enjoy your coffee and your Calculus (just kidding with the Calculus part). This follower is taking a break from the pornography (that apparently appeals to some fans from a different faction) to watch another of my favorites in one of my most loved movies, Random Harvest. You remember…the red haired leading lady is the same lady who was genuinely grief stricken at the short video of the funeral of another favorite red haired leading lady. A long sentence..but you get my message…

    • Random Harvest (or Ransom, as someone once typo’d, lol) is so beautful, but so heavy! Maybe I’ll put in some Greer hours, this weekend, but I think I’ll go for Julia Misbehaves and lighthearted fun. 🙂

      • Oh, yes, Random Harvest is heavy…but it’s one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. I could listen to Greer and Ronald talk forever. Such wonderful speaking voices. I love Julia Misbehaves, too. That last scene is hilarious. And Greer’s and Walter’s last movie as a team, Scandal at Scourie, is very good.

        We can all be thankful that Greer did not have an older sister (who could not speak after a stroke) living at the Motion Picture Country Home when a certain would be author (I use the term ‘author’ loosely) was in that area. After all, Greer and Walter made EIGHT movies together, too, and they were a romantic team in all EIGHT of them. I emphasize the word, eight, but the operative word is MOVIES. You know about movies. Movies are the venue where people ACT a part!!

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