The Causes.


This is just a tiny excerpt from Jeanette MacDonald’s autobiography manuscript.
I have to post it because I think it describes almost exactly who I try to be.

So, for the dreamers, the fighters, the champions of all that seems lost, it’s a hard road. Remember, though, that the fights we endure and the causes we believe in are not simply for ourselves and our beliefs. They’re for the ones who left us too soon, and the ones who were unable to defend themselves, in the time they had.

For the ladies, the true ladies that have gone before me, whose brilliance paved the way for me to have a voice- For J and K and G. Never back down, never give up, and to hell with the odds.


One thought on “The Causes.

  1. Wow….Powerful statements….yours and Jeanette’s. She would be proud that you’re fighting for her and for who she was. She left us much too soon and she is not here to defend herself. Thank you….

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