Jeanette MacDonald – Its Today!!!



We’re going to pretend that’s a birthday party, but I’m sure its a simple case of holding Gene’s hand while using him as a couch cushion. Gene was a good sport, like that.

I suppose I should apologize for not coming through on my promise of movie reviews and whatnot, but really, you can get those anywhere. Or you can just watch them, yourself, which you should be doing anyway, since it IS 6/18, a totally (not) legitimate holiday for Old Movie Weirdos.

What I hope I’ve done here is expose people to one part of the Jeanette picture that is rarely seen. She was a person, not someone’s pet and certainly not a stuffed shirt. She had so many friends that loved her dearly for her personality and her spirit. She has many fans who love her for those same reasons. Please realize that, though Jeanette could pull a good prank, she wouldn’t have thrown anyone under a bus, to make herself look like the victor. She had flaws, but she, from everything I’ve seen, never had a bad word to publicly say about anybody. Jeanette was a class act and doesn’t deserve the rep she’s got, today. She had her moments of attitude, but for the most part, she just wanted to make people happy. Jeanette was the last person who should have ever been torn apart. Someday, maybe I can fix it. Until that day comes, please remember Jeanette’s voice. I don’t just mean her singing. Read some of her words. Get to know her signature style of writing, speaking, and telling a story. Accept no substitutes.

Enjoy this last batch of pictures. 🙂

180614-1 180614-2 180614-3 180614-4 180614-5 180614-6 180614-7 180614-8 180614-9 180614-10 180614-11 180614-12 180614-13 jamemily

Cinema Dilettante will return to her normal programming, this weekend, with a little Jean Arthur party to pregame the Billy Wilder Blogathon entry of A Foreign Affair.


One thought on “Jeanette MacDonald – Its Today!!!

  1. I love your blog! It’s very refreshing and makes public a side of Jeanette that I hope more people become aware of. Thanks so much for the job you’re doing here……

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