Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day Six)

Oh, dear reader, it has been one full day since my last post, and I have grown so much as a human worm baby, since then.

Meh, I’m just joshin’ you. I spent 9 hours rehanging bathing suits left behind in fitting rooms, today. My brain is fried and retinas scorched from staring at neon floral prints. Sit still while I throw these pictures at you and run away. *cue luau music*

jengenepool2 KGrHqVhEE1gWCK9spBNji7PIQ_31

Sun Queen Jeanette MacDonald with BFF Hawaiian Bobby Soxer Gene Raymond. Those are not pool shoes, Raymond. You are a goose. Please stop.

I often wonder what is happening, in these pictures. Is Gene mad because Jeanette is making fun of his pool outfit, in the first picture? Then, in the second, he’s like, “My shoes are cool.” and she’s all, “Mmmhmmm you keep telling yourself that.”

Goodnight, and remember to spay and neuter your pet rocks.


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