Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day 5)

Dear Reader, I have a confession to make. When I ran the Jeanette MacDonald Blog, I had a hard time being inclusive of Nelson because I’ve been in this game long enough to know that the minute I do post a picture, someone out there is going to think, “Oh look, she’s admitting we’re right!”

She’s not. She never will. 99.5% on that one.


FACT: Jeanette made 8 movies with Nelson Eddy.

FACT: I like all 8 of them.

SPECULATION: I really wish history could have painted them as BFFs like Myrna Loy and William Powell because then this whole Jeanette fan thing wouldn’t be so freaking difficult. I hope that any Jeanette newbies out there are getting the gist of what a wild ride this all is. You have to be a little crazy, to begin with.

I hope you enjoyed that panel of text. I’m sure you’re actually here for the pictures.


Publicity from Sweethearts. I will never get over either of their faces.


Awkward Teenage Dilettante Story: This was the first picture of Jeanette and Nelson that I ever bought, on ebay. I proudly hung it in my locker, at school. It did not win me any friends. Of course, I went to school with 95% solid bitches, so my two real friends liked it, anyway. And that is all that counts. Everyone else asked stupid questions about my “grandparents.” Yeah, whatever, I’ll take ’em.


On a scale of one to “what are you doing,” Jeanette is at approximately, “over it.”


SEE?! This is what I mean! I want this picture in poster sized, so I can be like, “This is serious acting being done by serious actors,” but NO. First we had to have that whole, “Boo hiss they hate each other and both plot the other’s murder in tiny notebooks.” In response to that, we got… whatever the fresh hell-o is going on, today. Now, I have to try to figure out what is so “telling” about these maroons that isn’t “telling” about other screen couples with similar candids.

Personally, I don’t think that camera is telling Nelson anything.


That’s it. That’s all. Go home.


2 thoughts on “Jeanette MacDonald Birthday Salute (Day 5)

  1. Likewise, Doris Day and Rock Hudson were the best of friends from the time they first worked together in 1959 until Hudson’s untimely passing in 1985. One has only to listen to the tribute to Hudson that Miss Day recently recorded for airing on TCM in conjunction with Rock being the June “Star of the Month”. Even now, some 29 years after his passing, her voice breaks as she talks about the loss of her friend. When you work with someone for years, you develop a friendship that is more often than not abiding.

    • Well said, pebrogan!! One has to wonder about the chemistry many couples had on screen. Logic says it’s called “acting”. Being mainly a fan of Jeanette’s, I must say that she had just as much onscreen chemistry with her other co-stars as she did with Nelson. She had every bit as much chemistry with Clark Gable in San Francisco, Alan Jones in the Firefly and her husband, Gene Raymond, in Smilin’ Through as she did in any of her movies with Nelson. I love this blog and the sharp wit of the administrator….

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