What’s Up, June!

I am your action news reporter, on the scene! OK, I’m not really Ray Stevens covering a streaking story, but whatever. News is late this month because BAM  your friendly neighborhood Dilettante got a new job! You can find me at your local Macy’s, provided you live in the same vicinity as I do. Now that we’ve covered literally everything I’ve got going on (because you’re a caring sort, dear reader), let us move on to the interesting stuff.

TCM In June

Since TCM celebrated June, in May, whatever shall they do for June? Well, they’re gonna throw a Rock at you and hope you don’t notice. I don’t think anyone will mind terribly, as that Rock is pretty fantastic. The Star Of The Month for June is none other than Rock Hudson! *applause* You can find the schedule of movies HERE.

getTV In June

Our pals at getTV, which still isn’t showing in my area even though I’d be addicted to it, if it did, are on point, once again. Their Thursday nights, in June, are dedicated to Kim Novak. There’s a Rosalind Russell birthday extravaganza. Audie flippin’ Murphy hero-ing it up. Friday night shout outs include Judy Holliday and Ralph Bellamy. I mean, who celebrate Ralph Bellamy like that’s even a thing? Oh, that’s right, me and getTV. In other words, June is going to be so awesome, on TV, that you’ll forget that it’s 900 degrees outside and your allergies are making your face look like Wallace Beery’s after losing a boxing match to Marie Dressler. Maybe that’s just me. For the full getTV schedule, click HERE.

June on DVD & Blu Ray

Coming from The Criterion Collection, we’ll see the DVD and Blu Ray release of All That Heaven Allows, a sumptuous Douglas Sirk drama starring Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. You can pre-order it now, at a discount, from Movies Unlimited.

Show of hands- how many of you love Perry Mason as much as I do? Well, you’re in for a treat, when you can FINALLY own many of the 80’s Perry Mason TV movies, on DVD. I can not even tell you how beside myself with excitement I am. It’s… actually quite ridiculous. Get ye to Movies Unlimited and order that mess NOW. They’ll be out on 6/10. After that, posting here may be spotty because I’ll either be working or power marathoning Perry Mason, who was TOTALLY secretly married to his secretary, my girl Della Street. Street Team REPRESENT!

Finally, and sweet Jesus save your eardrums by staying away from my sonic squealing over this, EPIC GREER GARSON RELEASES FROM WARNER ARCHIVE!

The June Dilettante

In celebration of Jeanette MacDonald’s birthday, on June 18th, I’ll be posting some movie reviews, pictures, and stories of her life. I’ve got my Golden Comets set to EDUCATE, so you know, lots of fun stuff many Jeanette n00bs don’t see all the time. Then, on June 22nd, I’ll be participating in the Billy Wilder Blogathon, where I’ll do actual research and give his A Foreign Affair a run down.


One thought on “What’s Up, June!

  1. Trust me you get GETTV pretty soon

    I am regular viewer of both that network and Movies tv network yeah they start kicking TCM butt in the scheduling that I hardly put on TCM anymore they start suck lately

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