Cinema Dilettante’s Wish List

While its fun to see all the great titles that are being released and re-released as of late, it got me to thinking about what my Grails of DVD and/or Blu Ray releases would be. I thought I’d make a list to get others chatting about it, just to see what kind of interests we all have and the things we most want. To keep it simple, I’ll start with 2. I’ll likely edit and add to this, as time passes. *drumroll*


1.) Show Boat (1951) on Blu Ray

–Why?– There are scads of possibilities, going along with this movie. It is one of MGM’s most iconic musicals, and as we all know, there are at least two deleted tracks that could be included. Featurettes could be put together, with commentary by cast family members, such as (just throwing this out here) Kristin Towers-Rowles, Kathryn Grayson’s granddaughter, who is actually going to be in the San Luis Obispo Opera’s production of Show Boat, as Magnolia, Mother’s Day weekend 2014. They could include easy-peasy to research gems such as pictures from the deleted wedding scene, and put to rest whether or not the rumors are true that there was a deleted birthing scene, deemed too graphic. Or, if all else fails, they could simply go the route of the recently released Hit The Deck Blu Ray- spiff it up a bit with a great sound, and boom, instant proven seller.


2.) Kiss Me Kate (1953) on Blu Ray

–Why?– Best possible, perhaps only answer- 3D. This was, for a very long time, the only 3D musical. If anything, it has great historical significance, just for that. With the new surge in 3D interest, I can’t see a reason, other than strictly monetary, as to why this shouldn’t get a proper 3D release. We have the technology, now, for everyone to have this in the privacy of their own home theaters. Plus, its Cole Porter music with a Shakespearian storyline- everything absolutely timeless. Overall, its a fun movie, too. Its actually my favorite movie of all time!

Bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, what are some things YOU would like to see in your movie library?


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