It’s Gonna Be May!


May looks to be an exciting month for old movies, in just about all spectrums. If you haven’t heard of the new channel, getTV, check out Will’s awesome interview with Jeff Meier, the channel’s senior VP of programming HERE. What we’re getting from them, in May, is nothing short of stellar. From a Frank Capra birthday salute to Irene Marie Dunne being a featured icon, they seem to have a pretty darn good grasp of what old movie fans are looking for. The greatest part of all, in the channel, is that we get to see a lot of Columbia titles that TCM doesn’t often air. For instance, they recently did a spotlight on Ann Miller, and instead of us seeing the same ol’ side banana MGM stuff (wonderful as it is!), we got her earlier Columbia stuff that only gets trotted out once every ten years or so, over at TCM. The same will be true for Miss Irene, on Friday, May 23rd. Most of us may have seen the first two, Theodora Goes Wild and The Awful Truth, but we’re also getting Together Again and Over 21! While both are currently available to own, it’s a real treat to get to view them before investing. Also getting Friday night shout outs, in May, are James Mason (5/2), Fred Astaire (5/9), Henry Fonda (5/16), and Glenn Ford (5/30). The Frank Capra salute will be an all day affair on May 18th with 9 films, in addition to a few films shown every Thursday night. You can view the whole getTVschedule HERE.

Over at our good buddy, Turner Classic Movies, the May Star Of The Month is none other than Ella Geisman, aka June Allyson. As far as I can recall, the last time something so monumentous happened was in 1998, for the premiere of her Private Screenings. I’ll be totally upfront with you all- I was a Very Emotional 15 year old, and I cried when that was announced. I did not cry, this time. On quick scan (am I the only person who simply can not work the search function in the TCM schedule? Send me a tweet, if you know a trick. Help a sister out.), I sadly did not see The Shrike scheduled, which is something I was looking forward to. I haven’t seen that hot mess of crazy and amazing since 98. I need it in my life again, folks. What you CAN get a glimpse of, however, is June’s STUPENDOUS turn as a suicidal teenager, in The Secret Heart (5/7 12:15 AM). After you fall in love with that performance, get ye to Movies Unlimited, where you can purchase their exclusive release of it, along with three other June titles, High Barbaree, Too Young To Kiss, and The Girl In White.


TCM’s also got a random day I must mention, on May 1st, which appears to be All Hail Jeanette MacDonald day. I can support that with my freak flag flying high. While I will allow you to make your own choice on whether you watch The Cat And The Fiddle, the rest are all Required Viewing. The Firefly, Sweethearts, and finally the obvious May Day choice, Maytime. Set your DVRs or call in sick, either one.

For all of you movie fans who get the giddies spotting Joan Crawford’s freckles, The Women is coming to Blu-ray! It will be available 5/6, at Movies Unlimited, and you can pre-order it HERE.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be May!

  1. OHH just found out about Irene Dunne man GEttv jamming on May schedule they just release on Friday afternoon that when I notice it I usually troll that website almost every day or every week

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